Claim Your NEIU Online Account (NetID)

NEIUport Activation Instructions

Online Account Claim Process


Person has their University ID Number and/or their User Name/NETID


Person goes to and selects the Activate your account link.

If the person only has their University ID Number, then they need to click on Forgot Your NETID?


    The last 8 digits of their 9 digit University ID Number

    Month and day of birth using format MMDD

    Person clicks on Search for ID

If a match is found, the following information is displayed:

  • User ID:  Also referred to as User Name and/or NETID

  • First Name

  • Last name

  • E-Mail Address:  This is their NEIU email address used for all formal communications.

If no birth date was provided, then the last four digits of the ID number are used in lieu of MMDD of birth date.  

And then click on Select.

Once the person has their User ID/User Name/NETID, they can then click on What is my password?

Enter the NEIU ID:  This is the person’s University ID Number.  Only the last 8 digits of the id number are used.

Enter the  Password/PIN Number:  The person’s month and day of birth using the format MMDD

Click on Login

The person can create their new password by filling in both the Password and Confirm Password boxes and then click  Change Password button

Click on the Link Change Answers to Authentication Questions so that, if the account is accidentally locked after hours or on the weekend, the Authentication questions can be used by the person to unlock their account and will not have to wait until the University reopens in order to have their password reset. 

Everyone is prompted to answer at least 2 security questions and then they can click on Save.

And finally, the person can now click on the link Login to NEIUport and login using their User Name/NETID and the password they just created.



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