Connecting iPad and Andriod tablets to projectors.

Ipad to projectors

by Tyson Ciffton

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If you want to share what's on your IPad screen with a large number of people in the same room, displaying your screen through a projector can be an effective solution. Options for outputting your iPad image through a projector include using AirPlay and various devices and software that support AirPlay, Apple adapter, iTools or the document camera that build into your projector. Each option requires a slightly different mix of hardware and software.

Apple Adapters

Apple makes a Lightning to VGA and Light to HDMI adapter that makes it possible for you to connect your iPad to a projector to share your content with a broader audience. Both outputs in 1080P HD and also display your video content in addition to mirroring your screen. However, these adapters don't carry your iPads audio to the projector.


There are a host of options for getting content from your iPad to a projector through AirPlay. One option is to connect an Apple TV box to your projector, and then mirror what's on your iPad screen through AirPlay to third party software, such as AirServer, Reflector or X-Mirage.

Document Camera

If the projector your using has a document camera, you can position the iPad under or in front of the document camera to share the screen. It should be noted that the image you share likely wont be as a high quality of an image as the other methods.



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