Request Application Access

Request access to a variety of applications:

  • Academic Works (Student Scholarship)
  • Accuplacer (Student Placement Testing)
  • AdvisorTrac (Student Advising & Tracking)
  • Campus Labs:  Baseline (Student Engagement)
  • CollegiateLink (Student Club Management)
  • NEIUport:  Financial Advisor Channel Request
  • NEIUport:  Student Tab Request
  • Starfish Early Alert
  • Symplicity Advocate (Student Conduct Management)
  • TutorTrac (Student Tutoring & Tracking)

Before submitting this request on line, please print a copy of the NEIUworks Access Request for Employees Form and obtain all appropriate signatures to ensure compliance with federal, state and university requirements/rules/laws/statutes/etc; and to ensure that employee's supervisor approves access.   Requestors will be able include a scanned image of the NEIUworks Access Request for Employees Form using the "Upload Files" option included within the request form.

Please click on the Request Service button to the right of this text to submit the request and upload a copy of the NEIUworks Access Request for Employees Form.


Request Service


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