Duo Mobile For Android And iOS - Account Backup / Restore

Account Backup / Restore Settings For Duo Mobile 2FA For Android And iOS

The Duo Mobile 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) application for Android and iOS has an account backup / restore feature called Duo Restore. It's a feature that let's you backup and restore your Duo Mobile account to the same device. Information on how to connect your existing Duo Mobile account from your old phone onto a new phone is in the informational How-To page for Android and iOS located at this link.

For Android

1. Open your Duo Mobile application and tap the three horizontal lines at the top left and then tap the Settings menu.

2. By default, Duo Restore is set to Off. Tap on the Duo Restore menu item to turn it on.

3. Tap the slider next to Backup Accounts With Google Drive to enable the feature and follow the instructions to give Duo Mobile permission to access and use your Google Drive. Ensure you choose your @neiu.edu account for backup. Do not use your @gmail.com account. Duo Mobile will then create its own storage folder on Google Drive for your @neiu.edu account backup.

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