Computer Encryption

Encryption on computer hard disks makes it difficult to access the data stored on these hard disks without the right access privilege.  If a device is lost or stolen or there is an online threat to gain unauthorized access, the data stored on the device is protected due to encryption. This will limit the possibility of a data breach and protect individuals and the university from adverse consequences.

UTS has developed short and simple steps to quickly roll out encryption for all of our staff and faculty:

  • Users with Windows computers will be contacted by a UTS technician who will schedule a remote session to install Dell Encryption software. In-person sessions will also be available if needed. Dell Encryption Installation Instructions can be found on the right side of this page.

  • Users with macOS computers will run the Self Service application located in the Applications folder to enable FileVault Disk Encryption. A PDF has been created for users to follow as well as a video demonstration. UTS technicians will also be available to assist if necessary.


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