Ivanti Secure Access for macOS - VPN

Staff and faculty can access certain NEIU network services while off campus by connecting to NEIU's virtual private network (VPN). Users will need to be granted access to VPN before they can connect. VPN access is granted by contacting the IT Service Desk.

The Ivanti Secure Access Client is pre-installed on your NEIU-assigned computer. You should see its icon in the menu bar and be able to locate the app in the Applications menu. If you do not have the Ivanti Secure Access Client, please submit a support request with the IT Service Desk. A PDF of the application for VPN access can be downloaded from the right-side of this page.

Configuring your Macintosh to access NEIU’s VPN

1.  Click on the Ivanti Secure Access Client icon in the menu and select Open Ivanti Secure Access Client..

2. Click on the “+” symbol in the lower-left corner to create a new connection.

3. Enter the following information:

  • Type: Policy Secure (UAC) or Connect Secure (VPN)
  • Name: vpn.neiu.edu
  • Server URL: https://vpn.neiu.edu

4. Click Add.

Accessing NEIU VPN after it has been configured

1. Click on the Ivanti Secure Access Client icon in the menu bar and go to vpn.neiu.edu and select Connect.

2. In the login window that appears, enter your NetID credentials.

3. Click on the Connect button.

4. Authentication must be confirmed via Duo Security.

The connection process may take several seconds.

After the connection has been established, the connection status will be reflected in the Ivanti Secure Access Client menu bar icon. You can now utilize NEIU network resources (such as accessing network drives or NEIUworks) just as if you were on campus.

When you are finished, you can disconnect from VPN via the Ivanti Secure Access Client menu bar icon.

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