LWH 1001 Media System Instructions (Hybrid room)

LWH 1001 Media System Instructions


Volume Control

 Be sure Mixer and AMP are on. Located under Half podium.

LWH Lecture Hall Podium Instructions

To use the projector, follow these steps:

  1. Press the power ON button. You should hear a beep

Select Device

  • DVD or VCR = VIDEO (on remote)


  1. Push Video button (on the projector remote)
  2. Push the DVD/VHS button on the DVD/VHS deck. Be sure the DVD is selected. You should see a logo screen appear on the screen.

  1. Push the Open/Close button on the DVD/VHS deck.
  2. Insert your Disk into the try.
  3. Use the remote or the  buttons on the deck to control the DVD deck. Be sure to point the remote at the deck.


  1. Turn on the DVD/VHS deck.
  2. Push the DVD/VHS button on the DVD/VHS deck. Be sure the VCR is selected. You should see a blue screen.
  3. Insert your VHS tape into the machine.
  4. Use the remote or the buttons on the deck to control the VHS. Point remote at the deck.

Podium Computer = HDMI 1 (on remote)(Laptop)

  1. Turn on the monitor.
  2. Turn on the computer.
  3. Push HDMI 1(on the projector remote)
  4. Use second computer monitor when doing zoom.

Instructor Laptop VGA= Computer 2 (on remote)

Connect the VGA cable to your laptop.

1. Connect the mini audio cable to your laptops headphone jack.

2. For Wired internet connection plug in the Ethernet cable into your laptop.

3. If you need help hooking up to our wireless access please click on the link Secured Wireless access or for General wireless information go to Wireless Wi-Fi/ VPN

4. Push Computer 2 (on the Projector remote)

5. Turn on your laptop.

  • When connecting a Laptop Please remember to mirror your image by either pressing FN + F8 or   + P (Select mirror image). If these options do not work you might have to go to Graphic Display options and may need further help. If so contact us at the number below.



1. Unfold the Doc camera

2. Turn on the Doc Camera

3. Push S-Video on the projector remote

Web casting

1. Be sure the Room PC is on.

2. Turn on the PC monitor

3. Use second computer monitor for zoom


Place the camera in best place for it to work in your situation. DO NOT PULL ON THE CABLES TO CAMERA TO HARD. Place the camera in a spot where cable can not be tripped on. When done put camera back by lectern by PC monitor.

Be sure the camera is on. Should be white light on side. If not use the remote to turn on the camera

Use the remote to control the camera. The lens on the camera is a stationary lens. The camera moves by digitally moving and zooming.

Use the arrow keys to move the image left or right or up and down.

To use auto tracking use auto button on the remote. This will enable the auto features on the camera.

The auto features are auto tracking which will track any person moving within the cameras view. It also auto focus and auto zooms.

To Disable the Auto feature push the Man (manual button on the remote or any of the control buttons for the camera)

You can use the camera presets to set a camera view you would to have the camera remember.

Hold the set button and press a numbers on the remote. This will set the preset. To clear the preset hold the clr button to clear the preset.

Note The remote goes to standby mode after a brief period of inactivity. Press a button to wake it up.

Log into your zoom account as you would normally do.

Be sure to run a test of the camera and the mic to be sure the camera and mic on the system is working. You do this by going to zoom test or once logged in go to meetings, then go to personal room and click start. On bottom of screen click on start.

Click open zoom meeting on drop down box.

Click test speakers and microphone.

Pop box will show up and a sound will be played if you hear sound click yes if not select different options in drop down box.

Mic test box will show up

Say a few words then wait. You will hear your voice repeat what was said click yes if not select different options in drop down box.

Click end test.

Use the Samsung TV as an extended view to slide item to other screen to see them better when zooming.

Volume Control for each device is on the bottom left of the remote.

  • The podium amplifier includes a Main power button
    1. Make sure this is turned on. Green light should be on.
    2. Check volume dials to make sure correct knob is turned up. 

Please shut down projector at end of class 

  • To turn off projector, press the power OFF button on the remote control.
    • You will need to press the enter button to confirm.
  • Please turn off the main power of the podium amplifier as well.

For help please call 773-442-4357 or ext. 4357





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