LWH 3096 Media systems Instructions


LWH 3096 Media Systems Instructions

Podium instructions

To view any media device

  • Power up projector by using Grey remote.
    • Press (RED) button (on remote)

Select Source

  • Each time you switch the input source, a dialogue box of your selection will display on the screen
  • Laptop = Computer 1
    1. Connect the VGA cable to your laptop.
    2. Connect the mini audio cable to your laptops headphone jack.
    3. For Wired internet connection plug in the Ethernet cable into your laptop.
    4. If you hook up to our wireless access please click on the link General wireless access. If you are trying to connect to the Unsecured wireless access please clink on this link Open Wireless access. We suggest this link.

  1. If you wish to use the laptop, connect it to the external cables provided
  2. Select Comp 1 (on projector remote)
    • When connecting a Laptop Please remember to mirror your image by either pressing FN+F8 or  + P (Select Mirror image). If these options do not work you might have to go to graphic display options and may need further help.  If so please contact us at the number below.
  • DVD/VCR =Video
    1. Push Video (on projector remote)
  • DVD
    1. Turn on the DVD/VHS deck.
    2. Push the DVD/VHS button on the DVD/VHS deck. Be sure the DVD is selected. You should see a logo screen appear on the screen.

  1. Push the Open/Close button on the DVD/VHS deck.
  2. Insert you disk into the tray.
  3. Close the tray by push the Open/Close button again or gently push the tray.
  4. Use the remote or the buttons on the deck to control the DVD. Point the remote at the DVD/VHS deck.

•     VHS

  1. Turn on the DVD/VHS deck.
  2. Push the DVD/VHS button on the DVD/VHS deck. Be sure VCR is selected. You should see a blue screen.
  3. Insert your VHS tape into the machine.
  4. Use the remote or button on the deck to control the VHS. Aim remote at the deck.
  • Volume control
    • Use volume control buttons on remote
  • Power OFF
    • To turn off the projector please push the RED power button on the remote. Hit again to confirm the power off of the projector
    • Please remember to turn off any other devices that you might of turned on.


Please shut down projector at end of class!


For Help with AV issues or Internet connectivity dial the help desk at H.E.L.P or 4357.





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