BBH 124 Media Systems Instructions

BBH 124 Media Systems Instructions

Use Silver remote to turn on the projector


Volume Control: Use Volume control buttons on the Silver remote.


The only input you will need on this projector is Digital Link (#5). Once Digital Link is selected on the projector all switching is done on the Crestron box on the shelf next to the Blu Ray Player. Source selection once Digital Link is selected, is automatic, provided the projector sees a signal.

REMEMBER TO ALWAYS mirror or duplicate your image by

Hold FN key and the F8 key at the same time or Holding Windows symbol   and P at the same time.

Desktop computer

1. Be sure the monitor is on.

2. Be sure the computer is on.

Blu-Ray player (connection #2 input on Crestron box)

1. The Blu-Ray player will typically default to your projector screen unless it is off.

2. To turn on the Blu-Ray player. The ON button is on the top/front of the player.

3. Special menu options are available on the Blu-Ray player remote control.

HDMI Laptop (connection #1 input on Crestron box)

1.            To use a Laptop’s HDMI connection connect the provided HDMI cable to your laptop.

2.            Even if the Blu-Ray player is on, This HDMI signal will override the Blu-ray player.

3.            The HDMI Cable also sends audio to the projector yet you may need check your system preferences to verify that audio is routed to HDMI or Crestron.

**Macintosh laptops sometimes require an adapter to connect to either HDMI or VGA cables**


Each input is assigned a number in the black Crestron box on the shelf next to the Blu-Ray player. Each number has an LED light that shows signal to that input. Typically the following applies: 1. = Laptop HDMI, 2. = Blu-Ray player, 3. = VGA Laptop / Desktop. If you do not see a light then no input is detected and you have a connection issue. Otherwise, the input being displayed shines green, and any other source waiting to be selected shines orange.  If you need another input to display, push the designated button (if Orange) on the black box and you can switch to your device.

4.            For Wired internet connection connect the Ethernet cable to your laptop.

5.            If you hook up to our wireless access please click on the link General Wireless access. If you are trying to connect to the Unsecured wireless access click on this link We suggest this link.

VGA Laptop (connection #1 input on Crestron box)

1.            To use a laptop’s VGA connection, connect the provided VGA cable to your PC.

2.            Connect the mini audio cable to your PC head phone jack.  

Be sure the audio is routed through the headphone or external speaker.

        3.    Be sure that on the Projector remote Digital link is selected.

•             Please remember to mirror your image by either pressing FN + F8 or  + P ( Select mirror or Duplicate image). If these options do not work you might have to go to Graphic display options and may need further help. If so please contact us at the number below.

•             Mac users click the Mac symbol   choose System Preferences. Choose displays click arrangement tab. In lower left corner of the Arrangement panel select “Mirror displays”

NOTE: If you do not have a VGA or HDMI port you will need to get your own adapter. Click on the ADAPTERS link and you can see the different types of adapters that are available and will have to purchase.

IF you need help finding the adapter you need to please set up a meeting with us and we will be happy to help you find the adapter you need

**Macintosh laptops sometimes require an adapter to connect to either HDMI or VGA cables**


Please shut down projector at end of class

•             To turn off projector, press the power OFF button.

•             You will need to press once again to confirm.

•             Please turn off the main power to any other device that you might have turned on.


For help with Audio Visual System call 773 442 5060 or email For help with the INTERNET connection, Computer issues

Call 773-442-4357 or Ext 4357 (or HELP) or use our teamdynamix system to report the problem on NEIUportal.


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