BBH 111 Media systems Instructions

Podium Connection Instructions

Use silver remote to turn on the projector

**Volume control: Use volume control buttons on the silver remote.


1. The only input that you will ever need to select on the silver remote is Digital Link (#5).

a. All switching of sources is done automatically or via your plugging in devices.

If auto switching does not work hit the select button on the C2G box until correct input is selected.

 Blu-Ray Player (HDMI on C2G input  2 on box)

1. The Blu-Ray player will typically default to your projector screen unless it is off.

2. To turn on the Blu-Ray player. The ON button is on the top/front of the player.

3. Special menu options are available on the Blu-Ray player remote control.

HDMI Laptop connection  ( HDMI on C2G box input 3)

1. To use a lap top’s HDMI connection, connect the provided HDMI cable to the laptop.


2. Even if the Blu-Ray player is on, this HDMI signal will override the Blu-Ray player.

3. The HDMI cable also sends audio to the projector. Yet, you may need to check your system preferences to verify that audio is routed to HDMI or Crestron.

**Macintosh laptops sometimes require an adapter to connect to either HDMI or VGA cables**

DESKTOP computer (HDMI Input 1 on C2G box )

  1. Be sure the the PC is turn on. Be sure monitor is turned on as well
  2. Log into the computer.( BBH11- Press enter, NO PASSWORD).
  3. Be sure the Blu Ray player is off.
  4. Be sure Digital Link is selected of the projector remote.

Be sure your laptops VGA cable is unpluged.

If the Blu-Ray player is on, it will always override the VGA connection!


LAPTOP VGA (HDMI 2 on C2G box input 2)

1.Turn on your laptop.

2. Connect the Mini audio cable to send audio to the projector. Verify in your system preferences that audio is routed to the headphone or external speaker.

  • When connecting a laptop Please remember to mirror or duplicate your image by either pressing FN + F8 or Windows key + P (select mirror or duplicate image). If these options do not work you might have to go to Graphic display options and may need further help. If so please contact us at the number below.
  • Mac users click the Mac symbol  choose System Preferences. Choose displays click arrangement tab. In lower left corner of the Arrangement panel select “Mirror displays”

  • NOTE: If you do not have VGA or HDMI port you will need to get your own adapter. Click on the ADAPTERS link and you can see the different types of adapters that are available and will have to purchase.

    IF you need help finding the adapter you need to please set up a meeting with us and we will be happy to help you find the adapter you need


**Macintosh laptops sometimes require an adapter to connect to either HDMI or VGA cables**

--------------Please shut down projector at end of class---------------

You will need to press the power button a second time to confirm shutdown sequence

For assistance Av Equipment call 773 442 5060 or email With help with computers or Internet connectivity dial the help desk at EXT. 4357

or call 773-442-4357 or email or use our teamdynamix system to report a problem.


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