CBM 149 Media Systems Instructions (Crestron,Smart podium,Doc Camera) (Web cast)

Podium Instructions


Use Crestron Touch Panel on top of podium for all controls.

Smart Podium

  • Use Smart Software located on Desktop computer.
  • Use Smart Podium pen with software to write on screen.
  • Make sure Smart Podium Monitor is on

Tap on the Device you want to use on the Crestron Touch panel.

Room PC

1) Tap the Crestron  Computer 1 icon. Main computer.

Once taped the Projector and TV will turn on. 


1) Tap on the Computer 2 icon. Guest laptop.

2) Plug in the HDMI cable into your laptop 

3) Be sure your laptop is On.

Doc Cam

1) Turn on the Doc cam

2) Tap on the Doc cam Icon on the Crestron touch panel.

Air media

Be sure to download the App onto your device

1) Tap on the Air media Icon on the Crestron touch panel

2) Type in the Ip address on your device.

3) Enter the code shown on the screen.

4) Your device will now be shown on the screen.


Use the panel located on the wall to raise and lower the screen.



  • When connecting a laptop Please remember to mirror your image by either pressing FN + F8 or  + P (Select Mirror image).  If these options do not work you might have to go to Graphic display options and may need further help.  If so contact us at the number below..
  • Mac users click the Mac symbol  choose System Preferences. Choose displays click arrangement tab. In lower left corner of the Arrangement pane select “Mirror displays”

4. Connect Ethernet cable to your laptop for wired Internet access.

5. If you hook up to our wireless access please click on this link General Wireless access. If you are trying to connect to the Unsecured wireless access click on this link Open Wireless access. We suggest this link.

NOTE: If you do not have VGA you will need to get your own adapter. Click on the ADAPTERS link and you can see the different types of adapters that are available and will have to purchase.

IF you need help finding the adapter you need to please set up a meeting with us and we will be happy to help you find the adapter you need




•  Doc Camera

  • Be sure to turn on the Doc camera by clicking on switch located on left side back of doc camera.
  1. Push the Document Camera Icon on the Crestron touch screen.
  • Be Sure Doc Camera is unfolded.

ROOM CAMERA (for remote viewing)

NOTE; Please always go through camera and audio check before doing your zoom or google presentation.

see below for links

Google meets test . Link here for directions.

Zoom test. Link here for directions

Use TV remote to turn on TV.

Be Sure TV is set to PC.

The Camera resolution should be 640 x 340 (in youcam9)

The Camera and Microphone are external USB devices. If the computer does not recognize them reinsert them into the computer. If that fails reboot the computer.

The Camera is located on the shelf in the classroom lab.

Camera remote control

Be sure to power on the Camera with the red power button

Use the remote to control the camera to make it up up or down or zoom in.

If the remote does not respond try pushing the 1 button on the remote.

This camera is plugged into the desktop. If trying to use it for your laptop you will have to down load software for it and connect the usb cables into your laptop for it to work.

Software for Camera use


You can Use the Zoom software or one of the web browsers for Zoom conferencing

Google or FIrefox or Micrsoft edge.

Launch the OBS (Open Broadcast Software) or youcam9 app on the desktop.

If you use the youcam9, select the free version. If prompted for a sign it just create an account with an email and a password. The account is free.

OBS application will not prompt for a login and will launch into the viewer automatically.

OSB tutorials:



Once in the viewer plane, you can slect the infocus PTZ camera and select audio.

A view of the classroom should appear on the screen. Recording and streaming of the class is possible.


Be sure that the HD Camera is seleted in the zoom meeting controls. Click on up arrow to get options

Be sure the for audio SAME AS system is selected. Click on up arrow to get options


HOLD THE POWER ICON ON THE CRESTRON TOUCH SCREEN FOR 5 or more seconds in order for the sytem to shut down.


  • Please Turn off any other units used!
  • Turn off TV in back if used by using remote.
  • Turn off Doc cam at the doc cam itself.
  • Remember to turn off monitor when finished.

For HELP with Audio Visual Systems and Internet Connection

Please call 773 442 4357 or H.E.L.P





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