Welcome to Northeastern Illinois University’s Secure Wi-Fi Connection Web Site

University Technology Services (UTS) offers a secure Wi-Fi network to the University community. Connecting to this network will provide you with the benefit of security and improved performance. When you connect to the NEIU-Secure Wi-Fi network while on campus, your Internet activity will be encrypted. The encryption will make your Internet communication private and protected from malicious threats. This network will also have added bandwidth leading to improved network performance. In addition, all future services that will be offered to students through Wi-Fi will be offered on this network exclusively.

Staff members using NEIU-issued laptops and computers on Active Directory should access NEIU resources through the wired network.

Below, you will find a link to directions for connecting to the NEIU-Secure Wi-Fi network for various operating systems. Click the appropriate directions for your operating system and to download the directions in PDF format. Follow the directions to connect to the NEIU-Secure Wi-Fi network.

Please select the appropriate operating system from the list below:


Instructions - Windows 10 OS

Instructions - Windows 7 OS

Instructions - Apple macOS

Instructions - Apple iOS

IInstructions - Android Phones

Instructions - Chrome

Instructions - Linux

Report An Issue With The NEIU Wi-Fi Network


You may also check for the latest Instructions at the web site:  https://npass1.neiu.edu/guest/new_wifi.php.  This site can be reached after connecting to “NEIU-GetConnected” on your wireless device.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, require any additional information or would like to report a problem accessing the wireless network, please feel free to contact the UTS Technology Help Desk by phone at 773-442-4357 (extension 4357 on campus) or by e-mail at Helpdesk@neiu.edu.

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