Report A Printing Account Problem

If you are a Student and need to report a problem with your PaperCut printing account, print quota or printing / scanning / copying in an SCS Open lab, please click the Report Problem button.

  • If there is an issue printing with your PaperCut account (Account Locked, No Quota But Registered For Classes, etc.), please read the information below first If you printed and there was a printer hardware or toner failure.
  • For printing refunds, please visit the Request A Printing Refund link for more information.
  • Do not use this form if you are Faculty / Staff and experiencing a printer problem. For Faculty / Staff printer problems (Not Printing, Jamming, etc.), please use the Request Printer Repair form.


Students at NEIU who have registered for classes prior to the beginning of the semester and have no financial or academic holds are allocated a 7,500 point print quota which will be given at the beginning of the first day of classes in the semester for which for which the student is registered. A student who does not meet these requirements or registers after the first day of classes will not receive a print quota and will need to log in to NEIUport, click the "Help Desk" icon and submit a support ticket though NEIU’s support application TeamDynamix or by contacting Technology Services at (773) 442-4357 (HELP) from any house phone.

The print quota can be used for printing, scanning and copying on campus Xerox printers and be in compliance with the University's Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy. Color printing is available at the Library Copy Center, Student Lounge and Pedroso Center. Any unused print quota is removed after the last day of classes. Unused print quota does not roll over to the next semester. There are no refunds for unused portions of the print quota or points purchased via "Add Value" stations or debit/credit cards. The print quota is not part of or related to the Computer Resource Fee and has no cash value.

Users who exceed their print quota can purchase additional print points via “Add Value” stations located on campus or via credit card by logging in to PaperCut and choosing the “Add Credit” menu option. Once logged in, users can also submit web print jobs, request refunds (within 48 hours and only due to hardware or toner failure), manage their printing account and set/change their PIN. For security purposes, print quota, PINs, NetIDs and passwords should never be shared among users. The print quota quantity is subject to change without notice.

  • Single-sided black-and-white prints and copies are 10 points per page
  • Double-sided black-and-white prints and copies are 9 points per page (or 18 points per page printed or copied on two sides)
  • Color copies and prints are 25 points (Color printing is available at the Library Copy Center, Student Lounge
    and the Pedroso Center)
  • Scans are 4 points
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