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Request Form For NEIU Alumni To Obtain A Long-Term User Account In Order To Be Able To Access The Open Computer Labs / Library Computers. This Form Is Not To Be Used If You Cannot Log Into NEIUport.

Submit A Helpdesk Support Request.

List of Installed Software in SCS Open Labs and Technology Enhanced Classroms

If you experience a hardware issue in the SCS computer lab (Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Workstation, etc.), please click Report Problem.

If you would like to report an issue with your printing account (Account Locked, No Quota But Registered For Classes, etc.), please fill out our form.

If you would like to report an issue with our printing hardware, toner or paper, please fill out our form.

Video Recording Of In-Class Presentation

For Faculty Needing To Have Course-Related Applications Installed In SCS Computer Labs.

A Service For Temporary Account Creation For Special Events That Allows Guest Users To Access SCS Lab Computers During Special Events Such As A STEAM Conference, Summer Bridge, Summer BLAST, Placement Testing Or Other Similar Special Events.